Vaavu atoll and its magic

Dhiggiri is an island of about three hectares located in the silent and charming Vauvos atoll. It is the least populated atoll among the Maldives and its capital is Felidhoo. It takes 20 minute seaplane and 90 minutes fast boat to arrive there from Male. In Vaavu there are only 15 inhabited islands. Dhiggiri and Alimatha, waiting for the opening of the Aarahveli, are the only two tourist resorts. It is a “niche” atoll that only the great enthusiasts of the place know well because of the beautiful diving spots and its distinctive naturalistic note. Its poor housing density and the resulting small number of human settlements still gift stunning natural landscapes, able to conquer the eyes and the heart of those who cross it.

Dhiggiri, its charm

Completely restored in the near 2016, the Dhiggiri Resort has reborn with a new look, but its foundations remain set on the values that have characterized its management over the last 20 years: the absolute love for the place and its magic; the respect for the environment above and under the sea which, with all our efforts, we contribute to cure every day. Dhiggiri’s features are its white sandy beaches, its silences, accomplices of the great intimacy that characterizes it, and its predisposition to the enjoyment of aquatic experience. The proximity of the reef to the beach, the many nearby snorkeling spots and a colorful reef that in recent years has given signs of recovery, make Dhiggiri a place to live a unique experience.